Mt. Manalmon

February 2020 - Mt. Manalmon, San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines //  I got invited by my office friends, Chip and Phoebe, just two days before the hike and I decided to go for it the next day. Long before, I already planned to hike Mt. Manalmon since I read that it was just an easy climb. It was perfect for me because I am always certain that I am not really physically fit to do a major climb, I don't workout at all and the last extreme activity I had was four months ago, LOL (that was our canyoning adventure in Cebu). Anyway, we assembled altogether at around 4:30 am, we were a group of ten people: me, Dani, Chip, Eula, Sinco, Phoebe, John and Weng, along with our tour coordinators, Matt and Ray. The hiking trip was organized and coordinated by Trail Adventours, yay! The travel time from Manila to our destination was for an hour and a half only, but still we all dozed off to sleep in the van. When we finally reached Biak-na-Bato National Park at around 7:30  am, we were all se

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