Baguio, Benguet

June 2012 - Burnham Park, Baguio City, Benguet

It was my birth month and I really wanted to go somewhere alone. I was chatting with a friend, Rhaie from my previous company. She was already staying in Baguio and she invited me to come over. It was Friday, without any hesitations, I decided to hop on a bus to the city of pines after work. I arrived there around 9 pm and it was cold and foggy. I was already enjoying the cool weather on my way to Rhaie's house. We did a midnight jog that night and did not sweat, lol. The next day, some of her friends arrived from a trip, I forgot which city they came from, but they are also from Manila. They just decided to drop by Baguio. So we toured around the city together. 


It was a weekend so there were many people in all places we went to. But my favorite part was when we met artists Danny Acuna and Gerald "Majic" Asbucan in Mines View Park. They did their own versions of us through pencils, it was cool. After doing all the Baguio stuff the whole day, we had our dinner at the famous Good Taste Restaurant.

A must try

Then we agreed not to retire yet. We went to a bar with live acoustic music and had some boost. Our friend Francis jammed some songs with the band showcasing his awesome singing voice.

Sing it Francis!

On my last day, I met up with my friend, Liezah in the morning and we did some shopping at the local market for fruits and vegetables with very cheap prices.

Shopping with Liezah, lol

So at the end of the day, I really did not travel alone! :D