Puerto Princesa, Palawan

March 2014 - Puerto Princesa, Palawan

This was my second solo backpacking trip. I availed a promo from Air Asia and booked a flight months before the trip. I went straight to the airport after work on a Thursday afternoon. Arrived in Palawan around 6 pm and hailed a tricycle to Dallas Inn. When I arrived at the inn, the ambience was cool and welcoming. I stayed in a dorm-type room and met new friends, I was the only Filipino there. The caretaker said he thought I was an Indonesian but when I spoke Tagalog, he said "Ah Filipino pala." HAHA. The same evening, I met up with a couchsurfer friend, Lia.

Me and Lia 

We walked around town and decided to have some drinks at a local bar, Kaboom. It was cozy and there was a solo acoustic artist performing at the moment we got in. At past midnight, we agreed to head home and when we had to part, she said the streets are safe. I just walked back to my hostel alone although I had to find my way back for some time, lol. 


The woke up very early the next day. Most of my roommates were leaving that day so I'll be the only one occupying the room by the time I get back from Sabang.  I patiently waited for my ride to Sabang that morning and did not expect to have the tour with some new friends at the inn.

Relaxin' while waitin' at Dallas Inn

On our way to Sabang, I tagged along with Martinne and Elisabeth. Both of them are from France and they have been travelling around Asia for almost a year already. 

Elisabeth, me and Martinne

We made several stops along the way, one was in Ugong Rock Adventures in Brgy. Tagabinet. We had our buffet lunch by the sea at Penao, excellente!


After getting our stomachs stuffed, we boarded a ferry boat to cross to the island with caves. We joined another group of Vietnamese and we did the Underground River tour together.

Underground River Team! lol

After the tour, we went back to our hostel. Elisabeth and Martinne already retired for the day but I had to be ready for the firefly watching tour scheduled that evening. They invited me to dinner however, I was picked up earlier for the tour and around 6 pm I was already at the Bayview waiting to board a ferry boat.


We were informed that we 'd be taken to a floating restaurant to have our dinner before doing the tour and we were a bit excited about it. The buffet meal was splendid. Unfortunately, I could not eat a lot of crabs but still I enjoyed the food with Trish and Jo! 

Dinner onboard with Trish and Jo

After having our meal, we were all ready to see the fireflies. On our way to the watching site, the tour guide explained about fireflies.When we got there in total darkness, we were amazed to see the fireflies flicker. I did not have a very nice camera to capture the moment but it will forever in my heart to keep. We were taken back to the port and then a van took me back the hostel. By the time I got back in the hostel, it was very quiet already. It seemed that everyone had left already. At the dorm, Yotam was the only one left. He was editing some video clips he had around the Philippines and showed the draft one to me. 

Yotam editing his travel video clips

He would be leaving the hostel the next day already and I could not remember where his next destination was. I just chilled and roamed around town the following day