Taiwan - The Heart of Asia

Last year, Taiwan announced its extension of visa-free privileges for Philippine passport holders until July this year. My friends and I were able to purchase promo tickets a couple of months before our booked flights. I did not have my new passport then. We were so confident that I would be able to obtain it very quickly since there were months ahead of time. Actually, I had a traumatizing experience when I renewed my lost passport with DFA Megamall branch. I won’t go into full details but the processor asked me to amend a document which requires a lot of money, months of court proceedings and it could possibly take a year to complete. It still confuses me why he required me to do that when it should not be a problem since I have consistent and transparent documents intact. I even consulted a lawyer and he commented that some employees are just making their own rules at the bureau, then advised me to retry my application through the main office. For months, I really felt stressed an…

Tinglayan, Kalinga

Siargao, Surigao del Norte

Batan Island, Batanes