Sulat, Eastern Samar

2007 - Dagnasan Beach, Sulat, Eastern Samar

My grandmother () Lola Patchit lived in Sulat, a municipality in the province of Eastern Samar and had been a part of a Christian community church for years. All my life, I had only been there for 5 times as much as I can remember since my childhood. The most recent was in the year of 2007. 

At this moment of writing, I can't remember the exact time when we last visited our home province in Eastern Samar. I just can vividly recall that whenever we were there, we did not miss to go swimming at the Dagnasan Beach. We would wake up very early in the morning and walk from the village to the beach through the main road then pass through the coconut woods heading to the sea side. We also visited some caves and islands around the province, perhaps I must update this blog post as soon as I find our old caving and island-hopping pictures.