Mt. Manabu Night Trek

November 2012 - Mt. Manabu, Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Just thought of doing a night trek, lol. Cherry and I were both trekking noobs but we had a mutual feeling that we could do it. We arrived in Lipa around 8 pm to meet Kuya Chris, our trusted guide from Mt. Maculot. After having a light dinner, from SM Lipa Batangas, we took a tricycle to the jump-off. We did not expect the ride would be too far and the road was too dark without any lamp posts. As we approached the location, we were thinking if, “Tama ba 'tong gagawin namin?” Haha! 

Me and Cherry ready for the night trek

We started trekking at 9:30 pm and reached the campsite at past 11 o'clock in the evening. It was very dark and we just relied on our headlamps and the moonlight to see the trail. You would hear a lot of things on a night trek and I guess that makes it exciting. There was an episode when I thought or felt that someone or something was following me. I laughed at myself because it was only the shadow of the tent poles I was carrying at my back.  The power of imagination is strong when you are the trail sweeper during a night trek, LOL. 

Following Kuya Chris and Cherry

We almost got lost because some signs were very difficult to see at night but we found our way, anyway. Half of the trail was an uphill climb but we did not really have a hard time because the night mountain breeze was cool. We did not feel very tired along the way. I think we just rested twice to catch our breath and drink water and also we had to turn off our headlamps to save battery. We reached the campsite at exactly 12 midnight. The moment we reached the campsite, we were mesmerized by the view of the moon's bright light and stars. There were campers in the area also. Some were already sleeping, "BADUY!" LOL

Socials with the company

Kuya Chris helped me pitched our tent, I could do it myself next time! And he also cooked dinner for us. I did not plan to drink alcohol but it was very cold! So, yes to Emperador Brandy! We had our socials and enjoyed jokes and stories until 2:30 am. There was a weird camper who shouted, "MAY NATUTULOG!" We were not really THAT noisy. The other group a few meters from us was VERY noisy. Anyway, since we ran out of iced tea, it's bedtime! I was not able to sleep well because it was very very cold even though I was already wearing a pair of nice socks and a wool jacket. I got up at 5:30 and and went out to do stretching. I waited for the sunrise, and it was MAGNIFICENT!

Manabu Sunrise

The guys from the other side asked me to take a picture of them with the sunrise' view at the background. At the back of my mind, I would have ignored your request after shouting at us last night. But I am a good citizen so I took their wonderful picture, LOL. 

Morning coffee

Then, after a few minutes, Cherry and Chris were already preparing food. We had our breakfast, coffee, hotdogs, and fried rice with pork adobo, YUM! We made the assault to the peak after a few hours, right after packing up our things.

At the peak with Mt. Maculot at the background

On our way back, we were hoping to see Mang Perying on our way down the mountain. Unfortunately, we heard that his eyes are both blind now. Mang Tino took over his famous kapehan from then on. He offered us some coffee, of course, we had the Alamid talk and stayed for a while.


As we continued our descent, we just took our time to walk as our legs got a little shaky. Cherry needed Kuya Chris' assistance and I was grateful for my trekking pole. When we came across the stream, we already knew that we're near the jump off point. 

Hurray! We did it!


Thanks for the gears and equipment: Chris Puso, Chip Childers, Tito Mon and Eugene Labio.