Calatagan, Batangas

May 2013 - Calatagan, Batangas

Two weeks later, we were all still caught in euphoria from the Puerto Galera Reggae Festival 2013. It was a good reason to head out to the beach once again with the gang and it was also our last hurrah for summer and so we pushed through despite our busy schedules. We brought our backpacks, tents and sleeping bags and assembled altogether at around 5 am. We met our other friends and had our breakfast in Tagaytay. The travel time was just an hour and a half.

Breakfast at Tagaytay

After having our McBreakfast, we traveled for another hour and a half to reach Calatagan. We stopped by at the market to buy some food, water, refreshments, snacks and stuff. From there, it only took us 15 minutes to get to the beach resort. We were the only group of people there, perfect! 


We got settled in, pitched our tents and prepared food for lunch. It was also our friend, Tope's special birthday celebration which made the trip extra special. Benj prepared a big luncheon for everyone!

Luncheon pals

Of course, we all knew what's next, BOOZE & SWIMMING TIME! Mostly that afternoon, we took pleasure in some hootch stuff while the boys decided to go snorkelling. The weather blends wholly with the list of reggae songs played

Booze girls of summer :))

Essentially, we did the same things the whole time we were there. We took a dip in the water at numerous times, prepared and ate some food, drank alcohol, laughed hard, took pictures, sang, hopscotch, cartwheels... lol. We all gazed at the beautiful sunset and full moon at night. We tried to stay up all night but eventually found ourselves sleepy. REPEAT.

Family picture xD

Photos ©Yvette Palanca Mercader