Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

May 2013 - Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

I was able to tag along with my friends to this year's reggae festival in Puerto Galera. It was the PGRF 10 and my friends' band Kapis was lined up to play alongside many other bands and artists.

When we were all assembled, at around 5 am, we boarded a bus bound to Batangas Pier. We arrived at the pier in 2 hours and found ourselves falling in line for the ferry boat tickets going to Muelle Port. There were many people so it took us some time at the port before boarding the boat. The boat trip was smooth and took us 1.5 hours to cross the sea to Mindoro island.

Band Entourage :))

When we reached Muelle, tito Jing was already waiting for us at his shop Make Waves. We had to wait for the van to pick us from there to the resort we were going to stay.

The band had a hotel accommodation. Our friends - Zeus, Jimbo, Art, Tope, Em and Benj stayed at the Encenada Beach Resort. The rest of us checked-in to the resort next to it, The Dolphin Bay. All hotel resorts were fully-booked and I think there were only 3 rooms left at Dolphin Bay at that very moment so we had to squeeze in with each other which made our stay more fun, lol. My roommates were Liezah and Shirley, with her son and mom. The room was on the 2nd floor and it was cozy. It has a nice view of the sea. Our next door neighbors were the Aguas. We just relaxed a bit there and settled in for a moment.

Dolphin Bay Beach Front

After a few minutes, we already changed into our swimming clothes and we were called for brunch. We were already getting hungry and good thing that the boys already prepared food! We had brunch altogether and afterwards, who doesn't know what's next? Of course, it's swimming time!

Beachin' & boostin'

We actually spent the whole day, swimming, laughing, eating, taking photos, walking around, playing, drinking, puffing, cart-wheeling, and many more things we could not do in Metro Manila LOL.

Poolin' after beachin' x))

We also loved the pool near our rooms facing the sea. We did not get tired doing all sorts but we had to be ready for tonight's main event, the reggae concert.

Mi amigas L-F: Shirley, Maan, Liezah and I

The concert started at around 6 pm. The stage was off-shore and people were watching seated on the sand near Encenada. After we had our dinner, Shirley, Liezah and I went to join our friends.

PGRF 10 begins!

It was a wonderful night of reggae music and good vibes.  Of course, nobody missed my friends' set, lol. KAPIS in the house, I mean 'on the boat' rockin' the reggae night away! :D


The next day was a new chapter for swimming, laughing, eating, taking photos, walking around, playing, drinking, puffing, cart-wheeling and other things, haha!

Senyoritas having siesta

We finally enjoyed our last day at the resort. Once again, we had to head back home but we won't ever forget the memories that we shared together, one weekend in May 2013.


Photo Credits © Yvette Palanca Mercader