Tanay, Rizal

May 2014 - Batlag Falls, Tanay, Rizal

Our Summer 2014 was all about the falls in Rizal. My siblings - Kim, Eman, Tanya and I went on a day trip to Tanay with our auntie Aileen, who prepared all our food and snacks. We started the day commuting a long way to Tanay from Mandaluyong.  We reached Tanay at around 8:30 am and then we took a tricycle from the public market to Daranak. Upon reaching the jump-off, we needed to hike for a few minutes and cross a bridge to get to the falls. When we got there we were a bit disappointed to see the crowd. There were so many people settling in and we could not imagine swimming by the falls. 

The almost dry Daranak Falls

We took a look around for awhile and then we just decided to eat our brunch since we were all feeling hungry from the trip. Tita found a perfect 'kubo' spot to prepare all the food. But we actually did not know what to do next after our meal, LOL.

Brunch time!!!

After having our lunch, auspiciously, we found a sign leading to another falls. And we just followed the trail and trekked our way up to Batlag Falls. The atmosphere was getting peaceful as we walked to see more greens and less people, haha!  When we arrived there, we were satisfied to stay and take a dip.

Kim enjoying the serene atmosphere LOL

The water was cool and the big trees around absorbs the heat of the sun. It was just nice to sit and relax on one of those rock boulders. Tita did not take a dip on the water but she took a lot of pictures.

Tanya and Eman appreciating the cool waters of Tanay - lol

We actually had fun after all. We retired around midday and we were so tired, lol.
Good thing, the weather was sweet.

Batlag Falls