Coron, Palawan

May 2014 - Coron, Palawan

Time to come back to where my heart takes me, PALAWAN. This time I had to visit Coron with my best friends, Pinky and Cliff on a backpacking trip. We did not have plans but we were on a budget. We boarded a ship heading straight to the island. We waited patiently for 18 hours onboard! Finally, when we reached the port in Busuanga island, we were welcomed by Pinky's cousin, Beverly. She lives in a nearby island, Culion. She'd take us island hopping with her daughter. But first, we needed to  head straight to our hostel and check-in at the Coron Backpackers Guesthouse. We took our time to settle in our room and change into our swimming outfits. 

Settling in

After getting ready, we went to an office with Bevs wherein we needed to pay and register for the tour.  We were all excited to see the Calamian islands! Our tour guide brought us to the Kayangan Lake, where we had to trek a little to get to the other side of the island. It was just a short walk but we needed time to catch our breath at times during the climb. When we got to see the lake, we forgot how tired we were, we were in awe of the sight!

Kayangan Lake

The lake was deep but clear. We all tried to get to the cave and though I was a bit scared, I went on with them. When we were called to have our lunch, I got my bag and my phone accidentally fell on the water! :'( Good thing that our guide was a very good diver and he was able to get it back. But of course, I won't be able to use it for the meantime. I was a bit sad at the moment but I settled to be more positive. Anyhow, we trekked back to the other side. 


After we had our sumptuous lunch, we continued our island hopping tour. We visited several islands but did not really stay long in crowded places. We went snorkelling in Siete Pecados but I got stung by a jellyfish there which I just realized when we were on our way back to Busaunga. It was a bit itchy but I didn't really feel it during the tour. We finally decided to stay in CYC beach because we were the only ones in the island at that moment. 


We actually stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. We really enjoyed the white, fine sand and the clear water around the island. Our tour guide was also our photographer at times and took very nice photos.

with BFFs Cliff and Pinky

After the tour, we headed back to our hostel to clean up and to rest for a while. In the evening, we found a very nice restaurant to eat dinner. The following day, I woke up with the very itchy jellyfish sting on my arm. It looked like a map of Coron, lol.


It was very itchy and a bit painful but it did not stop me from walking around town and doing the trek to Mt. Tapyas that day. I hiked with Cliff and Pinky decided to stay in the hostel. When we got back at the hostel, we packed our things to go. We roamed around town because we still have time to do so. 

Coron town

By the time we boarded the ship for our departure, we looked back to the island feeling sad, lol. We did not want to go home, yet. The setting sun in Coron bade us goodbye.

Coron sunset

Photo Credits © Clifford Taguiam