Mt. Tapyas 210+

May 2014 - Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan

We planned to go and see the sunset from Mt. Tapyas the other day but we were very tired of our island-hopping tours. So we resolved to do it the next day. We saved the best for last. It was our last day in Coron and also our last chance to trek Mt. Tapyas. After having our morning coffee at our hostel, Cliff and I walked through the road going to Tapyas Road. Pinky was such a bore and just decided to stay at the hostel, and later on regretted the idea, lol. 

The way to Tapyas Stairway

It was not difficult to find the Tapyas Stairway and we thought that it won't be really hard to climb it since there were stairs to climb on. It was said that we only need to conquer 700 steps. However, we also needed to take some time to rest and catch our breath. 

Tapyas Stairway

We were enjoying each moment of the hike for it was such a quiet and pleasant day. Cliff brought his camera and captured a lot of wonderful shots. I just used my fancy camera, lol.

with Cliff

And even more when we reached the Pavilion, Tea house and the View deck of the mountain. We took our time to savor every minute we were there. We thought of Pinky missing half of her life, not seeing this incredible sight in Busuanga Island.

The Trail and Slope are alive

Photo Credits © Clifford Taguiam