Day 4: Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan - Solo Backpacking Western Visayas

October 2017 - Malay, Aklan - Philippines

Then, it was time for me to get to Boracay Island. From Tibiao, Antique I had to take a bus to Caticlan, Aklan and luckily I did not wait for a long time and I was able to board right away. A week ago, I managed to find a Couchsurfing host in Malay. I would stay with Alex that night and I informed him days ago that I would be in Caticlan around 4 pm coming from Antique. However, I estimated that I would be late an hour or two and had to text him which he acknowledged. I arrived at the Jetty Port in Caticlan at around 6 pm. I registered, paid the fees and boarded the ferry boat. The boat waited for more passengers for a while at that moment which made me even more delayed. Alex texted me that he was about to go out but would try to wait for me. The boat ride was just 15-20 minutes and as soon as we got to Cagban, I hurriedly went out to take a tricycle. Unfortunately, there was a long queue of people waiting for multi-cab tricycles. I went out to the main road and it was the same. There were many people hailing tricycle cabs to their destinations. Coincidentally, there was a woman with her 3 kids, and I asked them if there was another way to get to Station 1. She said that the multi-cab tricycles are the only mean of public transport in the island. I told her that I had to get to the Asiana Villas, which at that moment, I didn’t have any idea where it was. She said she doesn’t know where it was but offered me to go with them since she’d be going to a mall near it, in Station 1. It sounded good for me and I also asked the tricycle driver to take me there but he didn’t have any ideas as well. I said it’s near the Lind and assured me to take me there. The main road was narrow and there was traffic along the way. There were too many people in the streets of the island, Chinese and Koreans specifically. There were also many bars and restaurants, Chinese and Korean too. Station 1 was a bit far being located far up north in the island. The trike driver took me to the Lind, but when I got there and asked the security guard where the Asiana Villas was, I was surprised that they did not know as well! I asked the trike driver where I can get to the beachfront and I’ll find my way from there and when he brought me there, I started walking by the beach. I tried to ask some people where the villa was but did not have luck. Alex and I talked on the phone as I was looking for his residence. He was already out and said I should get to Sinagpa. I found my way there and finally reached his home. I was given the address and pass key but there were no numbers on the doors and there was nobody to ask. I felt very weary and tiredthen. Alex texted where exactly his home was and at long last, I was able to get into his house. At 8:35 pm I settled in and tried to get some sleep. I really got tired and stressed looking for that place, lol. Alex had a very nice home near the beach, I thought. Dozed off a little and then woke up when Alex came home with another Couchsurfing friend, Darl. 

L-R: Darl, Alex and I

It was all our first time to meet each other but it did not stop us from celebrating Alex’s birthday! They bought some food, beer and ice cream and invited me to join.  We had a very unwinding conversation about all sorts from German beers to medical cannabis and went on until late night. Alex is from Russia and Darl is from Quezon Province, both living in the island. Darl went home afterwards and said I should stay one more night in the island. She also offered me to stay in her house if Alex gets busy. Alex gave me sheets and a blanket for bedtime. He tried to make me feel at home. After doing my toiletries, I snoozed as fast as I laid on the big couch at the living room. I planned to wake up early the next day to catch the sunrise and do a little swim and then head back to Iloilo. And so the next day came, I woke up at 6 am. I went to the beach front to enjoy the atmosphere. 

Early morning in Boracay

I just sat there staring at the tranquil sea, the fine sand and the skies. As the day breaks, people started to go out for a jog or a walk by the beach. There were already some people taking a dip in the water with their babies. The dogs of Boracay were also coming out to play by the sea. I opted to stay at the hut with store by the beach so I could leave my things when I go for a swim. I started my day with a fresh “buko” juice and appreciated all things on sight. 

A very nice day at Boracay

Then I decided to go for a swim, I walked through the clear waters and the sand felt very smooth on my feet. It was so nice to take a dip in the sea!  After a while I went back to the store and asked for lunch and they’d cook and prepare a meal for me. There and then, I decided to stay for another night and go back to Iloilo the next day. So, I asked Alex and he didn’t hesitate to accommodate. I realized that a few hours of staying at the beach won’t be enough to enjoy. I needed the whole day. While waiting for my meal, I went back to take a dip. Although, I didn’t have sunscreen, I didn’t mind getting my skin toasted later, lol. 

Sun Bathe

Basically, it was all I did the whole day, just stay at the beach, eat, drink, and take a dip and repeat.  I waited for the sunset and it was lovely to see. 

Boracay Sunset

By the time, I got back at Alex’s home, after taking a bath, I tried to wash my wet clothes using the automatic washer and air dry which he offered me to make use of but awkwardly I had to wait for him to use it, lol. 

Stayed at Alex's nice home

When he arrived, he operated the machine and as it started to wash my clothes, I had to wait for it to finish, I fell asleep on the couch. As soon as I became a little awake, I was surprised to see my clothes all hung up already!  He was also cooking something for a guest and offered me to eat but I politely refused for I was still full of the waffles and ice cream he offered me earlier. Plus, I wanted to continue sleeping, haha! I did not notice what time I dozed off to sleep but I set an alarm at 8:30 am just in case I oversleep, I still won’t be late for the last trip to Iloilo at 11 am. The next day, I woke up 30 minutes earlier than my alarm and I just stayed lying there for a couple of minutes. Next, I started to prepare my things and be ready to go. I had to wake up Alex to say goodbye. I was very thankful for him during my stay in the island.

From Sinagpa, on the way to Cagban Port

*Budget  notes:

Tibiao, Antique - Caticlan, Aklan 
- Ceres Ordinary Bus = 100 Php 

Jetty Port, Caticlan - Cagban Port, Boracay Island 
- Ferry boat fare = 25 Php
- Terminal Fee = 100 Php
- Environmental Fee = 75 Php

Cagban Port - Station 1
- Multicab = 25


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