Siargao 2.0

January 2020 - Siargao, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

I was actually unaware when my friends booked a flight to Siargao. The last time I had been on the island was in 2018 and I promised myself that I would be back for more. Then, it happened. My super friends, Joy and Elizah had been to the island as well. We already experienced the 'all-important' island tours and activities before. And so, it was really a special weekend for us to just chill and relax. We arrived at the airport in the afternoon and our booked hostel arranged a van transfer from Del Carmen to General Luna. In just 45 minutes, we were already in Keyun's Inn and right after we settled in our things, we went out to look for something to eat.We had our dinner at Mama's Grill, a popular barbecue and grill eatery in General Luna. People were already coming in and lining up and it was a good thing that we got a table. By all means, we enjoyed our chit-chat and meal over skewers and soda, lol. Afterwards, we agreed to get some booze at Harana Surf Resort. 

After party booze bottles

When we got there, the place was already getting crowded with tourists, mostly foreigners. As expected, they came to party and Harana is the place to be. That night, there was a foreign DJ playing his 90s music collection. As we let ourselves be entertained (somehow) with live music, we also fancied getting lushed by rhum and beer, haha! I cannot remember the time we went back to our hostel but it was late and we slept like a log for sure. The next day it was raining and according to the news on TV, there was a low pressure area located near the island. We anticipated that it would be raining the whole day/weekend. Nevertheless, we did not feel bad about it. I actually enjoyed getting my feet wet and hearing the sound of it, ONLY in Siargao. (I hate it when it is raining in Manila.) 

The Surch Siargao

We had our breakfast at The Surch Siargao, a few steps away from where we were staying. They have cute interiors and it's all about pink island power. I love the food and the cup of cappuccino I ordered. Other than that, I felt bad for the tourists as I overheard some need to cancel tours due to the weather. Then, it rained heavily, we idled back at Keyun's Inn the whole morning and wondered where to eat next, LOL. 

Joy's post birthday lunch at the La Carinderia (L-R: Me, Joy, Liez)

We finally opted to have pasta and fruit shakes for lunch and we chose to dine in La Carinderia. It was also a mini celebration treat for Joy's birthday. Soon after, we went to some shops and grocery stores for essentials to pass the time. In the afternoon, we tried the famous crafted ice cream, Leche Ice Cream. We indulged in different flavors and mine was the best, Cacao!

Craft ice cream, Leche

Basically, we just did this and that. We revisited and goofed around Cloud 9, chilled at Cafe Loka, sticked around Crepes across Lumad for some live acoustic music and dawdled at Aventino's. It was a drizzly weekend yet it did not stop us from partying and trippin' island flavors. Siargao is definitely the island to come back to, not only once or twice but thrice. We enjoyed having a much more relaxed time, no expectations and obvious sightseeing.


  1. This sounds amazing! I am dying to take a trip again. Staying out late, trying local restaurants and listening to 90's music sounds absolutely perfect!

  2. Siargao is a great place! I would love to visit that place someday!


  3. One of the places in my travel bucket list. I just hope and wish that travelling would be the same as before so we can enjoy it to the fullest!

  4. That looks so much fun, and that ice cream looks amazing!

  5. was an amazing surprise...seems like you had a great time there with your friends....its really interesting.... (World in Eyes)

  6. I can't wait to go back to Siargao. I love Cafe Loka! Was planning a trip last March/April, but CoViD19 happened.

  7. This looks like it was an amazing trip. I definitely want to try that ice cream! It looks delicious.

  8. Siargao is such a haven! Can't wait to go back and experience laid back life with great scenery.

  9. It looks like you had an amazing trip! Siargao looks like a fantastic place to visit :)

    Louise x

  10. That ice cream looks really tasty! And Siargao is amazing!

  11. It looks lovely. I really hope this pandemic gets resolved soon so we can all plan our travels!

  12. Seems interesting and I would love to visit the island one day and experience everything.


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